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a mathlete and a prom queen write a blog

Oh, hi. Welcome to Tell Me Everything, a blog filled with amusing (hopefully) and vulnerable (definitely) stories, of our lives and our friends’ lives. Our purpose is to share familiar, yet often unspoken stories because we know how comforting it is, in almost every situation, when you realize you're not alone. 

So here we are, two unqualified moms - a mathlete and a prom queen - sometimes dispensing advice, sometimes noticing what’s happening around us and sometimes just trying to get through it all. Angie's the brunette with fake blonde highlights and Laura's the redhead, nothing fake about that hair (or her, as you'll soon learn!). Nice to meet you all.

How did this blog happen? Like many great things, unexpectedly. We’ve known each other a long time but between work, raising young children and already having friends, our dance cards were full. Or so we thought.

We started working together on a local political campaign and noticed some things: Beth Little was the best candidate ever, we had lots to say and lots to learn. While exposing our true selves to each other, carefully and uncomfortably, we noticed that the more vulnerabilities we revealed, the better we felt.

We began writing it all down. And while writing, we felt an overwhelming sense of relief because the stories validated, challenged and comforted us in our own lives. They reiterated what we’ve figured out and remind us how much there is to learn. Most of all, they were teaching us that we’re not alone. And damn, that feels good. We hope some of our stories will allow you to pause and think, ‘Wait, what? You too? I thought I was the only one.’  

There’s just one more thing you should know before you dive in - and yes, this is us hedging and covering our asses, in case that wasn’t clear - we know that some of these stories may resonate with you profoundly while others may not speak to you at all. And that’s ok. Most importantly, we hope you laugh and smile and find some comfort in the familiarity.    

That’s our blog in a nutshell. So, if you want to stop reading, now’s the time. Otherwise, we hope you subscribe and maybe, just maybe, sit on the edge of your seat waiting for next week's vulnerable reveal.  Gulp.    


Here’s a sneak peek at next week’s blog. It’s about texting. Because we love texting. We’re pretty much obsessed with texting. So here’s the text string that literally happened 48 hours ago. We’re a mess. You’re welcome.

AC: i’m scared

AC: of the blog

AC: and being vulnerable

LS: why?

LS: you’re not bailing on the blog

AC: let me be crystal clear

AC:  i’m not bailing on the blog

AC: i'm just nervous

AC: and hedging

AC: a little

AC: ok, maybe a lot

AC: bc here’s the thing

AC: what if no one likes it?

AC: what if we reveal too much and regret it?

AC: ok, where the F did you go?

AC: because now i’m done

AC: and i’m fine

AC: kinda

AC: [insert photo of earrings bought at target]. in other news, just bought these. adorbs, right?

LS: this might be a text string we include

LS: in the blog

LS: that no one is bailing on

AC: nah

AC: maybe

AC: i was kinda looking for something like ‘don’t worry, angie, this is going to be great’

LS: wait a sec, i’m driving now!

AC: now it’s 100% going in the blog

LS: listen

LS: i have no shred of doubt

LS: never have, never will

AC: ok just drive

AC: this would be a terribly tragic ending

AC: to the blog

AC: that no one’s read

#friendship #vulnerability #growth #failure #mathlete #promqueen


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