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a million little drawers

Some people are natural born worriers (Laura) and some people are not (Angie). And while these may be our self-proclaimed labels, it’s not quite that simple. We both worry. Just differently. Maybe it’s more that Laura obsesses and Angie doesn’t. Maybe Laura’s worries manifest themselves in nail polish picking and hair knotting and Angie’s manifest in bathroom visits. Maybe worrying is universal but just looks and smells different depending upon who you are. Bottom line is this - we worry. Plenty.

We decided to show you how we manage our worry through a series of nutty texts that began last Thursday night. Remember when we said we liked texting? Well, we weren’t just saying that. We really meant it. It’s particularly good for people who worry a lot or for people who worry a little, for people who worry when there’s nothing to worry about, for people who keep things inside and for those who don’t. Know anyone like that? Now you do.

Last Thursday night at 9:16pm

L: hi

A: hi

L: what ru doin?

A: watching CNN

A: for a change

A: can’t decide if i’m more in love with chris cuomo

A: or anderson cooper

A: or don lemon

A: i think don lemon

L: i think i’m in love with rachel maddow

A: ha

L: r they talking about clinton?

L: and his commentary about the impeachment hearings?

A: yep

A: some analyst just mentioned how he has unbelievable compartmentalization skills

A: and how trump could use some of those skills to put aside the impeachment stuff

A: and go run the country

A: maybe u can call in and help him

A: hey oval office - it’s me laura, want some help compartmentalizing?

A: so how’d that happen anyway?

L: what?

A: u knowing about compartmentalizing

L: learned it as a kid

L: we had this dresser

L: with a million little drawers

L: and if i was worried about something

L: my mom told me to visualize opening up a drawer

L: and to put it away

L: until later

A: wow

A: i love that

A: and i may need a set of drawers

A: even tho i didn’t know i needed them

A: until now

A: bc i don’t worry

A: kidding

A: but u know my favorite technique?

A: it’s what’s known as brushing it under the rug

A: forever

L: u know that’s unhealthy right?

L: u know that’s different than compartmentalizing right?

L: u know that doesn’t work in the long term right?

L: u know my mom’s a therapist right?

A: um, yes

A: i know all those things

A: but thanks for explaining them to me

A: so subtly

A: and gently

L: wait, where did u say jen powers got the great brush hair iron straightener thing?

A: dry bar

A: she loves it

L: her hair always looks really good

A: wait, you’re going to start doing your own hair now?

Thursday at 10:02 pm

L: hi

L: u still up?

A: um

A: yeah i’m up

A: thinking about little boxes

A: and rugs

A: and impeachment hearings

A: and compartmentalization

A: and ben’s asking me to bring him a snack

A: all while struggling to stay awake

A: bc it’s past my bedtime

A: glad u asked?

L: just glad you’re up

L: bc i’m wide awake and starving

L: and can’t stop eating potato chips

A: and u want me to tell u to stop?

A: or remind u of your other choices?

A: like apples & pb?

A: or carrots & hummus?

A: they’re better

A: way better

L: i may have just changed your whole life

L: by giving you my little drawer trick

L: and u shame me?

L: about potato chips?

A: you’ve met me, right?

Friday at 1:27am

L: can’t sleep

L: for a change

L: thinking about our convo

L: and when compartmentalizing works

L: and when it doesn’t

L: and yes, I know you’re sleeping

L: no wonder you’re so cheery in the morning

L: and i know i’m not supposed to go on my phone in the middle of the night

Friday at 6:02am

A: ur funny

A: and deep

A: in the middle of the night

A: when you’re supposed to be sleeping

Friday at 7:32am

A: good thing we had that convo about boxes

L: um, they’re drawers

A: ha

A: bc now i can go teach my 7:45am class

A: with a clear mind

A: bc as it turns out

A: i may have tossed & turned a little last night too

#worrywhenitstimetoworry #cnn #donlemon #rachelmaddow #heyovaloffice #visualization #drybar


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