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Welcome to Tell Me Everything, a blog filled with amusing (hopefully) and vulnerable (definitely) stories. Our purpose is to share familiar, yet often unspoken stories because we know how comforting it is, in almost every situation, when you realize you're not alone.

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First, meet Angie. Born in Illinois. Oldest of four. Grew up in a fun yet chaotic household filled with too many coordinating outfits (thanks, mom) and lots of freedom (thank you, ‘70s - ‘80’s). Attended a big state university where she met her husband, Chad. Bounced from job to job and city to city until she eventually landed in Summit, NJ where she launched and sold a successful wellness business, is raising two teenage sons, Will and Ben, and two large and unruly rescue dogs, Duke and Indy. Fun facts about Angie: she sings — too loudly — to Led Zeppelin in the car while entertaining nearby drivers, she can organize your pantry better than Marie Kondo, she believes strongly in the power of mind over matter and can convince herself of almost anything (actually, anything) and she’s a lightweight who thinks she’s not.

Next, meet Laura. Born in Long Island. Youngest of two. Spent much of her childhood unappreciative of her gorgeous red hair, perhaps because it was accompanied by thick eyeglasses and a unibrow (thanks mom, for the contacts and electrolysis). Attended a big state university, then law school, met her husband, Jeff, in NYC and eventually landed in Summit, NJ. She has two twenty-somethings, Ellie and Will, a teenage son, Charlie and two adorable, doodle dogs, Lucy and Ricky. Fun facts about Laura: she thinks she’s a semi-professional skier, she would be a lock for the national bananagrams champion, she has a concerning addiction to potato chips and cherry tomatoes and she’s a quote collector, quote hanger-upper and quote sharer.

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